Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Solstice Photos

This is a photo post dedicated entirely to photos around sunset on the summer solstice. Except for the first picture showing a computer graphic all the photos in this post are in chronological order. You will have to forgive the fact that if we took photos aimed toward the sunset the buildings become dark. When we took photos facing east some light still illuminated them and they're easier to see. The tragedy of having a bad camera.

So this is the time and date stamp for SPB which shows that today there was 18 hours 50 minutes and 6 seconds of actual sunlight in SPB (3 more seconds than yesterday and 7 more than tomorrow). Notice how even by the end of the week there is more than a full minute between the two days and around the equinoxes this becomes about 7 minute between 2 days.

Taken between 2am and 3am on June 21st. Banners for Crimson Sail Day which is celebrated this weekend. The following 5 pictures are also from 2-3am.

The rest of the series is from tonight's walk with Karma which began about 11.10 and ended around 11.45pm. Sunset was at 11.25pm.

Almost a full moon (on the 23rd).

These two pictures below in the park are at 11.25pm by my watch.

I particularly like the above photo because while many of the buildings are dark in the pictures, you can somewhat still see aspects of the city here.

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