Tuesday, October 29, 2013

the so tardy that it's beyond late wrap up

Prologue/warning:  So, I actually wrote a couple blog posts in microsoft word when I did not have internet access and or, well I don't know. I can make excuses for a lot of stuff, but I won't. I know that some of the things that I wrote I wanted to edit, and other things I was waiting to go through my pictures so that I could make more clear statements. However, that has not really happened and I still haven't gone through my pictures, but you know, it's the end of October and some of this stuff was written the end of July. Therefore, I will post whatever it is that I wrote without even re-reading it yet so you'll have to read my words from what they were at that time. I also hope that now that I have the a stronger motivation to posting (the comparative can be noticed in that I'm actually doing it, not that I wasn't motivated before), I hope that I will continue to look through things and add photos later (b/c really the photos were a large part of the hold up and still are). That said, enjoy the following few posts as they will be all the posts after this one.

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