Monday, April 7, 2014

шторм зимы

The telephone pole that broke. Our property is on the right.

A view of the pole from on top of our property.

This is just to show how much water came from the flood. The "sludge" in the middle of the picture is left from the lake level decreasing. It is about 15 centimeters vertical change.

Mud left on our bridge after the flood.

When I walked Karma that morning the white dock (that horizontal line in the middle) could not be seen. It was covered in water. I did not have the camera at that point and this was about 30 minutes later about 15 cm lower. Hoever, this is still high water. There is normally another 20-25 centimeters between the top of the water and the bottom of that white dock.

Water covering our dock.


A view of the tree that fell nearly hitting our neighbor's house and what broke our electrical wires/power.

Another view of the tree as it lies on top of the wires.

And the tree roots that got uprooted.

The tree from a distance, but also the pole should be straight up, not slanted. They had to remove this pole and put a new one in, but they did so by crane over our neighbor's house.

A view of the wires hanging low in front of our house. And on the far right you can still see the broken pole.

A closer look to this broken pole from another angle. (First picture our house was on the right, now it's on the left).

A view from under the pole/wires. Our house is still on the left, but I moved.

A pretty view of the lake as all this was happening.

When there is no electricity and there is no gas in the house, I used the BBQ/шашлик. Turkey burgers and roasted veggies. I don't really like meat burgers (I'm not vegetarian, I just don't usually eat meat burgers). I used a lot of spices to change the flavor. 

A view of a candle in our house. Candles were our only light.

Here is my grandma looking at the candles.

Tree-trimmers cutting branches so they could reach over the neighbor's house. This is right in front of our house.

And the gigantic crane (seriously huge).

More of the crane.

And the best picture I got of the crane reaching over the neighbor's house. Our garage is the white building on the left. The crane arm/boom is over 30 meters long. I could see much more, but this is what the camera got.

When the power is out and you can't use a computer, you do crosswords. That's what I did for a few nights.

The yellow thing is hanging from the arm of the crane to fix the slanted pole. This is the back of the house (reaching from one side of the yard to the other).

What it looks like with more sludge a day later. Now the water has gone down about 40 centimeters or more.


I wanted to do a compare and contrast. This picture was the first morning of the flood (although remember I didn't have the camera right away).

This was a day later (2nd morning). You can see the bottom of the blue dock here, but not in the first picture.

Same compare and contrast, but I won't move the other picture. Remember the white dock "touching the water" and now you can see under it.

Also, now you can see our dock.

The new pole standing straight.

The tree all cut up.

A view of our patio and the rain coming down.

A view of the workers putting a counterweight on the crane so that it would not fall over when reaching over the house. I think in total the counterweight was probably about 20 tons or about 20,000 kilograms.

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