Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Queen Mary/Scots Festival spring 2014

Something happened and these are not in chronological order. Just view them as events.

Daria enjoying Scottish "Village Pie" and standing on the walkway toward the ship.

A person could watch their t-shirt (футболка) "being made" as they screen-printed the image that you chose onto the color shirt you chose. My shirt looks like what the guy is wearing. Daria's shirt is being made and is black and red with a picture of a lion.

Some of my Wallace Clan (group of Scottish people who are distant relatives) were playing some music. It was beautiful.

More formal musicians, one of the many bagpipe groups who performed in a competition. Lovely sounds :)

Some of the athletics. In this event men had to throw the huge stones/rocks (10-15 kilograms) as far as they are able. If you look close middle left you can see the rock in front of the tree that is 3rd from the left.

Old-timey village similar to the open-air museums like in Velikiy Novgorod (как Витославицы), but not quite the same and not as awesome.

The next group of bagpipers are lining up.

Me and a Knight.

We saw the dogs herding sheep. It was amazing to see how they did it. Really really amazing. Obviously a spectacle, but still really amazing.

More old-timey village.


Ahh the Entrance to the Festival.

The RMS Queen Mary from afar.

Daria posing as soon as we got there.

Back to the athletics (about the same time as above actually). A woman had to use a pitchfork (вила) to throw a straw (сено) bag 15 kg over that bar. It's hard. Well done to the women who did it.

Inside the ship, a view of something (I forgot. I wanted to write this before but it's been too long).

A picture inside the ship from the 1930s or 40s when the ship passed by New York City.

A view of Long Beach from inside the ship. And Daria.

A view of Long Beach from outside the ship. Without Daria.

I don't know why I wanted to show this to you, but I included it in my selection of photos to give you. :/          :)

Daria inside an old English phonebooth on the ship's deck. I guess they used to use the actual phone booths on the ship, not just on the streets in the UK, for phone calls.

A view of the athletic events and the bagpipers square (lower right) from on top of the ship. Also the Long Beach Port in the background.

The smokestack.

The Royal Crown from flowers. I think it's more beautiful now that it's spring than a month ago and the ship in the background.

Sunset from the park across the canal from the ship.

Another view of sunset and the ship lit up from across the canal.

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