Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Weekend excursions (экскурсия выходного дня)

For our weekend excursions: Because I took many pictures on our weekend excursions, I have included them in separate posts and linked to them like I did the major storm.

Daria and I have gone hiking some of our weekends. A few weeks ago we went close to home to a place called Paramount Ranch (sorry, this is only in English) where they film many movies and TV shows, especially for the Old Westerns, but sometimes for other genres. We walked from our house with Karma and then went into the Ranch and walked around through the mountains. Saturday, April 5 we went to Malibu and then went hiking up in the mountains there, without Karma. 

February 15 we went to the Queen Mary Ship in Long Beach to see the Scottish Highland Games. Like many of the faires and games that happen here in the US it’s a fun way to experience cultures (often historical, but not always). Most people have Scottish ancestors (like me), but not all (like Daria – but other people without connections go too). You drink cultural drinks (British Beer at this one), eat cultural foods (Scottish Pies), and you can buy cultural items (kilts, Scottish knives, or even just scarves and hats of that different Scottish Tartans). You see different games (like the Caber Toss) and dances, and because of Scotland, the Bagpipes. We used to go to a Russian Fair in San Francisco when we lived there. 

March 15 Daria and I went to Las Vegas to see the band Tool and just enjoy a little bit of the city (although I really don’t like Vegas – I really went to see the band – I love them). We returned on the 16th (one day trip – long drive just for a concert, but it was worth it – that is “I felt justified in doing it) to see PaleyFest for the TV show “Lost.” We got to meet some of the cast (well we saw them from up in the seats we didn’t meet them in person) and people got to ask questions. Unfortunately I left the camera in the car and so we did not get pictures of this. However, that Friday the 21st we went to the PaleyFest for “Mad Men” and for that we did take pictures. On Saturday the 22nd we went with my parents to go whale watching. My mom has always wanted to see whales and so Daria and I hoped that we would provide that for my mom. Sadly we only saw dolphins (which is cool, but mom has seen them before). They saw 12 whales on Friday when we couldn’t go, and a few in the morning, but our boat did not. They think that it was too windy and so it make have been too difficult to see when the whales came up. Usually one looks for the hump of the back rising out of the water or for the spout of water from the blowhole. Then they drive the boat toward the whale when seen from a distance. The wind caused waves so we couldn’t see the whale’s backs and it may have blown the spout over if any had shot water. I was sad for my mom :(

Hiking photos.

Queen Mary/Scottish Festival photos.

Vegas/Tool photos.

PaleyFest/Whale Watching photos.

тоже, ето уже лето. ои, сегодня был +33

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