Tuesday, April 8, 2014

PaleyFest and Whale Watching

So the top pictures are from PaleyFest from Mad Men. I do not have pictures of when we saw Lost, but it was quite similar. It was held in the Dolby Theater, the place of the Academy Awards/Oscars - so maybe I sat where Brad Pitt sat - hahahaha, no he would have sat down below, but same theater.

They started by showing an old episode. For Lost it was from the 2nd season. This was the last episode of last season from Mad Men because the final season starts this April.

The interviewer and Jon Hamm. They're all small on stage, but the screen helps us see :)

The rest of the cast. We had Jon Hamm, Vincent Kartheiser, Elizabeth Moss (left), Christina Hendricks (green), Robert Morse (blue shirt white hair), Jessica Pare (blue dress), and Kiernan Shipka. 

The whole cast together.

Elizabeth Moss.

Afterward the people who sat down below were able to get autographs. We were too high up (we call it the nosebleeds or the cheapseats) so we only got photographs.

Outside the Dolby Theater there is a crazy mall. Just some images of Hollywood for you.

From the mall.

On top of the mall looking from Hollywood toward downtown Los Angeles.

And looking below us where they had the premiere for the Muppets Movie (across the street) and the famous Roosevelt Hotel. Also below on the street is the Hollywood Stars walkway and the theater where celebrities leave handprints and shoeprints in the sidewalk for later people to visit.

Starting the boat trip to see whales.

A mural to describe Balboa Village, a beach community belonging to the very wealthy Newport Beach. Fun little place, but too expensive for me to live (or even really visit to be honest).

Walking along the boardwalk there are lots of small shops and an arcade.

A view from the boardwalk to some very rich people's homes. Probably more celebrities. I think almost everyone there has their own yacht. Oi the opulence (I hope you remember that word from the "macabre" lesson, even though it means "rich" and is not about "death").

Yup, all the yachts.

And my mom, dad, and Daria.

A very expensive home and some more yachts. Don't worry, I do not live here. I will never have enough money to live here.

Ahh, now we're getting to beautiful scenery. I love the rocky shores (different than the rocky shores of Scandinavia for those who remember my posts from last year when we went to Stockholm), but I still love them.

And we have some sealife. These are sea lions sitting on a buoy. 

So I wasn't able to get any pictures of the dolphins, but I'm hoping you can see them well enough in these videos. No still photograph, only the videos.

Some beautiful cliffs. Not like Dover, England, but beautiful.

And I will close with someone's very expensive house. I don't know who it is, but that is one person's house, not a hotel. It might look nice, but I still prefer a small little dacha outside of St. Petersburg to that. I like small and quaint things.

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